Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Science and Spirituality are 2 aspects of the same coin. Spirituality doens't give logical evidences to prove something like synchronicity, it simply emphasises on the understanding and Living in Now. Whereas, science looks at it a different perspective, the logical way.

Here is this very interesting article on the science of synchronicity. Christian de Quincey, an eminent professor of philosophy at John F. Kennedy University, where he teaches Philosophy and Consciousness Studies, writes a detailed paper to make a layman understand the meaning.
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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Science and Spirituality

Determinism -- Indeterminism -- Each present moment is open to new opportunity

Newtonian physics was totally based on the idea that everything in the physical universe (the soul was non-physical) is determined: we can predict precisely what will happen.
Indeterminism is the most obvious aspect of both quantum theory and dynamical systems theory. Almost every experiment in quantum theory is based on events that are unpredictable - observing the decay of an atomic nucleus, observing which way a photon goes through a polarising filter, observing electrons going through the slits in a two-slit experiment...

Here is an interesting article on science and spirituality.

NO Respect for Vegetarians in USA and UK

I have been to UK only last month and been in USA for almost 4 months. What I found is really amazing. USA is a country where Vegan and vegetarian movement is at the strongest in the world, unlike India, where vegetarianism is a way of life. UK is another country habitated with people of Indian Origin. Yet, there is no respect for vegetarians in these countries. It is unbelieveable because both the countries have quite a percentage of vegetarian lovers.

A search for decent vegetraian food starts with enthusiasm and ends with sigh. As vegetraian only place you an find such food is in an Indian Restaurant. Apart from that, there are hardly any restaurants which serve that kind of food. So called big food chains like Mc Donalds, CHILLIES, WENDYS, SAVEMART etc. I must also mention that the highways joints called 'Services' in UK and and Don't know what in USA, doesn't even have a decent veg sandwich. Well, what does it really take to make a decent veg sandwich??? Not Much. Few slices of cucumber, tomatoes, some lettuce, dash of salt and pepper on a lightly buttered bread. That's all! And they don't even have that.

The serving they have is having egg contents in all their products. Even cheese is not vegetarian. The processing of cheese involves some sort of non-veg substance. Infact, we went to this 'Services' on our way to Scotland. The chain operating there was Simply Food by Marks and Spencer. The only veg dish i could grab there was Tomatoo soup. Must have had it trice in 3 days journey. Later on I came to know that it was not really vegetarian. It was to my shock, made with Chiken Stock. The Burger King out there in UK doesn't have a single Veg Burger to say. Same goes with MacDonalds in USA. In the name of Vegetarian food, they have only fruit and walnut salad.

Hey! I thought these countries were quite emotionally in-tune with their people. But Nah! All, they think is how to satisfy the cheese and the meat Industry. For they are the ones who cash on to the people's health and feed these power hungry politicians.
Dont know how to end this...

It's funny that most of the world renowned Vegetarians are from USA. Richard Gere, Toby Mcguire of Spiderman, Alicia Silverstone, Frances Fisher, Charlotte Ross (NYPD BLUE), Loretta Swit, Pamelyn Ferden, Alicia Silverstone (Clueless, Batman & Robin, Blast from the Past), Dennis Weaver (McCloud), Tracy Bingham (Baywatch) .... the list goes on...
is someone reading and taking action to add vegetraian options in their restaurant/ food chain menu???

Saturday, May 21, 2005

SQ Quiz

I found this Sq Quiz online. It's fine. But don't really rely on one test. They are nothing but the state of mind u are in. You can be Spiritual but the SQ may vary dpending on circumstances, time, plcae etc...
Spiritual Quotient Quiz

Friday, May 20, 2005

new Magazine

Well, I am back again. Hmm, so there is this great internet magazine about spirituality. Read the articles on Innerself.