Friday, February 17, 2012

Soulular Nebula

Soulular Nebula

Today’s morning dream is still fresh in my mind. I am sure I was sleeping while this dream was taking place. There were several of us. Primarily, members of my family. It seems that they had bought a new apartment which was not getting finalized. I was there to paint the room. It was in the hues of orange and greens. It was beautiful. While doing the job, the paint finished. I told this to my sister and brother. They guided me to the guy who was responsible for handling the keys. This guy was with couple of other people. He greeted me and opened the apartment I wasn’t interested in. Finally, he opened the one which belonged to us. He was pleasantly surprised by the colors and hues, more surprised by unfinished job. Immediately, I went into a deep meditative state with enquiries going in my mind. I was talking to this master who looked like my father. He was giving me the secrets of existence.

All I remember is, “So when this body is shed the darkness is dispelled and the light shines through.”

Master said, “That light is your existence. It is called Soulular Nebula.”

The above word is lingering on my mind. “Soulular Nebula”

To resolve my enquiry, I started to search about it.

You know what Soulular means? Soulular is of the Soul, filling the cellular memory, which shines like a particle.

Soulular Nebula is that soul particle that illuminates when the particle ‘realize’ the truth. From self radiating, it becomes a light radiating nebula, whose shine is the expansion of self as universe, generating and regenerating universes.

Soulular Nebula is not 3 dimensional or multidimensional. It becomes ultra dimensional.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Death: Invitation to Enquiry

Just few days back, I witnessed one of my friend take the last breath. This was my first experience of watching someone leave the physical body. Believe me it's not easy.
Somehow, intuitively, I knew that this would happen in front of me. Yet, there was a lot of resistance. Yet, it happened.
This made me slip into the deep enquiry mode. At first, there is a cloud of sentiments, that sweep across the mind. There are emotions and guilt that needs clearing. And then, there is a void.
Void of unknown.
To be truthful, death brought peace to this friend. Yet, I was left with lots of questions.
1. Why do we mourn on death?
2. Who are we mourning for?
3. Who was in the physical body that made it alive?
4. What is it? What's the 'Swaroopa' of this unknown?
5. Where did it come from?
6. Where did it go?
7. Whom did it emerge from?
8. Will it merge back into the same?
9. Where is it's abode?
10. Does it have feelings?
11. Is it powerful?
12. What are the qualities of this being?
13. Does it have form?
14. Does anyone knows the truth?
15. How can we relate to the one who leaves the body?
16. What exactly is the truth?

There are numerous other enquiries. One thing I have realized is that the answer is within. We just have to open up to experience it. I am ready. Are you?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Mystical Poems: Haiku

I was
never lost
never found
never born
never dead.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mystical Poems: Isness

There is
Solitude in Oneness
Aananda in Chaos
Liberation in Silence
Unity in completeness

There is
Creativity in Nothingness
Happening in stilness
Love in Forgiveness
Presence in all and none

There is