Friday, October 12, 2007

Ocean of Abundance

Let me share with you a very beautiful exercise with you today. It is the Ocean of Abundance.
This beautiful meditation is a combination of visualization and power words that make your intent stronger. This is one powerful exercise and it has always worked for myself, students, clients.

The universe that we live in is a vast ocean of abundance filled with prosperity, knowledge, money, gold, silver, diamonds, happiness, bliss, oneness etc. It has almost all the virtues that one needs to feel whole and complete. It is a never ending sea of energy, providing to everyone unconditional what they want. It is so neutral that it provides with everything one asks for, be it criticism, happiness, solitude, hatred, oneness, healing ....Anything that you think of.

Since one of the needs for today is money, basic necessity for normal being...let us concentrate on it.
Feel that you are standing at the beach of ocean of prosperity, wealth, money and precious things.
Know that this is a never-ending supply of universe or God. No matter how much is taken out from it, it is always filled the same or more.
Now know that you have the mandate or permission to take from this Ocean whatever you want, how much you want. It is completely upon you how much you decide to use it.
Feel the gentle, comforting breeze of this ocean.
Listen to the sound of the Ocean calling you.
Allow the waves to touch you with all the wealth, money, prosperity it symbolizes.
See all your friends, family members, competitors and rest of the world too standing there.
See all of them taking their share from this Ocean.
You can see lot of vessels, islands and ships also floating in this Ocean.
All the people who are gathered there are having some kind of vessel with them. It can be a mug, jug, bucket, big buckets or water tanks, ships, boats...
It is such a huge ocean that all the people of the world also look like small group in front of it.
Now watch carefully what is in your hand or near by you.
Is it a small mug, small bucket, small boat, big ship, island???
De brave, step ahead.
Fill your vessel with the prosperity. You can claim it by visualizing $ 100,000 also in the bucket. Or if you have a boat see yourself in it sailing easily and effortlessly...
Take as much as you want. There is no competition here. This realm is non-competitive. It is a giving universe.
Be creative.
Be content and know it is Okay to have what you need.
Now raise your arms with palms facing up to the sky, arms parallel to the ground.
Say aloud, "I am now prosperous".
"I am now claiming my Divine Birthright"
"It is OK for me to have $........ now"
"I am ready and open to receiving all the good that this universe has to provide me."
"This or something better is manifesting for me right now"
"I am prosperous"
"I am rich"
"I have the money I need to feel whole, complete, fulfilled and satisfied."
"I am worth what I am asking for"
"Universe is supplying me with the abundance I need right now"

Put your hands down.

Feel the feelings of abundance, rich, prosperity and wholeness fill your entire being, entire surroundings.

Allow the silence to surround you. Be silent for some time.
After few minutes, take few deep breaths.
Very gently, feeling happy, open your eyes.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Secret: Be Rich Live Rich Meditation for today

The Sun and Moon meeting


Sages of our times are rediscovering the ancient wisdom points today. They are in awe of the knowledge that sages of yesterday provided without discrimination. So many sages, Raj-rishis, Maha-rishis, Bhrama-rishis and Dev-rishis knew the art of bringing into form, the material from non-material. They were not the kings living lavishly, rather simple enlightened souls who knew the truth. They didn't need material things to satisfy their desires because they didn't have desires. Through their power they were able to manifest all the material things, when needed.

This is the power of being in the desire free state.

Don't think that I am telling you not to fulfill your desire, curb them. No!
Instead, manifest your desires, live them, experience them. So that you don't have any other thought in your mind. So that no other desire can push you to the road away from the truth.
The reason for living your desires is simple. For example one saint is telling a poor man to donate all his money, not to dream or desire of money, that poor man cannot do so. For he has never experience money and wealth, he has never lived that or collected it, where he can leave it or drop the desire of having it.

Therefore, you need to live that experience, go through it to know the meaning of having or not having something. When you have already achieved it, you reach that desire-free state.

So, lets try this simple meditation of manifestation, which a friend of ours, named Swapnil shared with us.

Do this exercise for 30 days and see the results.

Close your eyes.
Just imagine that your heart has a sun shining brilliantly.
See the moon also shining outside the periphery of the heart, 6-12 inches away from the body.
Now feel the moon moving towards the sun.
When it merges with the sun, ask for your heart’s desire. can be anything, car, house, good job, relationship etc.
See yourself living what you desire.
See that it is now fulfilled.
When you are done, bask in the feeling of completeness and gratitude.
Feeling happy and thanking your guides, open your eyes.